A Portable Tire Shredder – Like New

A customer recently asked us to get them a portable tire shredder for a tire pile cleanup. We knew of one for sale that we actually converted from a stationary to a portable machine about seven years ago. That machine had shred literally millions of tires, probably close to ten million. Many of the components were worn out and running
on fumes.

We bought the machine and brought it into our shop. Over the course of 30 days we made many repairs to the machine. These included:

  • Steam cleaned the entire machine 3 times to remove 7 years accumulation of oil and dirt
  • repairs to the pans on most of the conveyors
  • replacement of the head and tail pulleys
  • had two complete sets of new knives built
  • installed a new pinion gear
  • installed one new main shredder shaft
  • installed a transfer switch to allow the machine to be switched over from the generator to run on available three phase power
  • built a new infeed conveyor
  • replaced conveyor belts
  • replaced the takeups on the conveyors
  • ordered and installed new rails and cleaning fingers in the shredder box
  • new seals and seal protectors
  • new keys for both main shafts
  • installed new pinion bearing
  • installed a new bearing on the main shaft we replaced
  • replaced both end plate bearings
  • rebuilt the infeed hopper
  • new sheaves and belts for the rotary classifier
  • rewired as necessary
  • complete paint job
  • replaced some gear boxes

The refurbishment to this machine was a six figure cost, but the result is a portable https://urcrecycle.com/mature-asian-singles/ that is very like new, with the functionality of a new machine. And for much less than the cost of new machine.