VecoPlan Rotary Tire Re-Shredder, Model RTR70/200K HT

VecoPlan has been in the waste reduction industry for over 40 years, and has been in the forefront of tackling new and hard to shred applications.  This is a low hour system, with 1728 hours.  This machine is set up to take a 4 to 6 inch pre-shredded tire piece down to a 1 inch minus granule, depending on the screen size.  This system comes with 2 screens, ¾” and 7/8”.  This Re-Shredder has a good sized hopper, 70” x 80”, and a rotor diameter of 20”.  This machine powered by a 200hp electric motor to get through the tough application of pre-shredded tires.  This system also comes with an infeed and outfeed conveyor, as well as a magnet to remove the metal from the outfeed material.  This system will produce 3 to 4 ton  per hour, again depending on the screen size and the feedstock material size.

In addition to tires, this system can be used in multiple other applications, including plastics, wood and e-waste.  Throughputs will vary depending on the material.