System to Reduce ¼ Inch Rubber Material to Crumb Rubber

Unlimited Resources Corporation recently built a system to take a customer’s ¼ inch rubber down to a 10 to 20 mesh dating agency not online. Built around a, this system included all the components to produce clean crumb from the ¼ inch feed stock already being produced in the customer’s system.

To smooth the flow of material to match the granulation process with the shredding process this system started out with a large surge bin with a drag chain conveyor to collect the feedstock and provide a uniform flow of material to the granulation system during times when the shredding operation might be down for maintenance.

Of course a system like this requires the material to move from station to station in an efficient manner and we built a long infeed conveyor to feed the granulator. The drag chain conveyor and infeed conveyor have variable frequency drives to control the speeds of the flow of material through the system. This in conjunction with the PLC on the Cumberland granulator allows for the system not to overfeed because it will shut the surge bin and infeed conveyor off if the Cumberland granulator begins to over amp. Once the overload has been safely run through the granulator the surge bin and infeed conveyor will come back on automatically.

We built the electrical control panels to handle the granulator as well as all the other equipment we provided so all the customer had to do was bring power to the control panels.

In addition to the granulator, Unlimited Resources Corporation provided a cyclone along with a blower and airlock to remove the heavy dust on the front end. We also provided a vibratory screen conveyor to sift and move material.

The completed system has nine large (12 inch) screw auger conveyors to efficiently move material from stage to stage. We put a gravity table in the process to sort the fluff from the rubber. A double deck Rotex screener separated the material by size allowing further processing if necessary.

Three custom built drum magnets were installed to remove metal from the finished product at various places in the flow of material. We provided another blower, another cyclone and airlock, and a dust collector to draw the dust and fluff off the product and reduce fire hazards by keeping that material out of the air.

Custom built duct work we provided conducted the fluff and dust to the collector for capture. The final product goes into two custom built manual bagging stations. We purchased a new chiller to cool the granulator as the process of taking the material down that small creates more heat than can safely be handled by air flow alone.

This is really quite an intricate system. Before we took it to the customer’s plant it was all assembled in our manufacturing facility and test run as we do all our systems. Then it was disassembled and shipped to the customer’s plant. Two of our technicians then took a service truck to the customer’s site to supervise the set-up at their plant.

Our technicians also trained the customer’s operators on the operation of the system and of course we are always available to follow-up questions and support.

Unlimited Resources Corporation has built many tire and crumb rubber systems. We have learned some things the hard way but each time we have learned and grown. And as our customer you have the benefit of that knowledge to avoid things that don’t work. Each customer’s needs and environment are unique but we have always been able to work within the parameters that exist.

We would be happy to assist you in planning any kind of tire rubber processing system and then building that system to your needs. All the equipment we build or rebuild is warrantied and is typically as good as or in some cases better than new. Instead of equipment, when you buy from Unlimited Resources Corporation you get a functioning system.

You also get the many years of experience we bring to the table. We will guide you around the pitfalls and discourage unprofitable operations so when your equipment is up and running you have not just what you want but what you need to achieve your goals.

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