SSI 3200 Tire Shredder

The Dual Shaft SSI 3200 is a low speed, high torque shredder built to efficiently process a wide variety of items.  This shredder that we are offering for sale currently looks way too good to tear down and completely refurbish.  This shredder is coming out of a large plant that was just completely shut down and is being dismantled currently.  This shredder looks like the knives were just changed out on the unit the day before they pulled the plug because they show hardly any wear at all.  Therefore we are offering this shredder basically in an As Is Where Is condition to save the buyer of this shredder substantially verses the cost of having the knives reconditioned and us going completely through the machine. 

This shredder has a 41” wide X 60” long cutting chamber and is powered by (2) 150 H.P. electric motors that in turn are direct coupled to (2) Reggiana RR8000TF-EP gear reducers.  This gives this shredder the torque to handle the large, hard to shred items that will be a problem for other shredders of similar size.

This shredder comes with a newly constructed in-feed hopper, a newly constructed shredder stand, and newly installed electrical control panel.  We will paint this shredder and add new infeed and outfeed conveyors.  We will also send the two 150 H.P. electric motors off to have them checked over and new bearings installed.  This shredder has 2 ¼” thick (3) hook knives that are in very good condition, in other words there is a lot of wear left on them.  We are offering this as is so the right buyer can get a very powerful shredder for a great price!   

At the price of just $250,000 we will add a classifier and conveyors to make this a complete 2 inch chip producing system.