Satrind Tech Shredder

This Satrind Shredder is a very clean machine.  With a 100 hp electric motor and 3 inch 4-hook knives, it can be a great shredder for a variety of products like drums, msw, plastics, car tires and electronic waste.  It was running when it was taken out of service, it comes with an infeed hopper and shredder stand, as well as an electrical control panel.

We also have a 50 hp Satrind shredder with  2 inch knives that can be set up in a series with the 100 hp Satrind to produce a smaller end product.  This one also has and infeed hopper and shredder stand.  It shares the same electrical control panel as the 100 hp shredder does.

Price for both shredders is $160,000.