Raptor Shear Shredder or Shredder System

We currently have all the main items needed in our inventory to construct a (IDM) Raptor Model R-163 Shredder.  We would power this shredder with (2) new 200 H.P. electric motors direct coupled to (2) new Reggiana gear reducers to provide the extreme torque required to meet today’s tuff shredding requirements.  The hopper opening on this shredder would be 57” x 66”.  And this shredder would work ideally for the shredding of semi-truck tires as well as super singles.  The shredder would be furnished with a brand new set of hard-faced knives and all new bearings and seals.  We would also build a new stand with catwalks and handrails to meet the needs of the customer.  The unit will be furnished with a new custom built electrical control panel to allow for the proper operation of the shredder.  We will custom build a new in-feed conveyor and new out-feed conveyor to make this into a primary shredding system for an estimated price of $495,000.

If you require a complete 2 inch shredding system then we can incorporate one of several different brand vibratory style screens that we currently have in our inventory into this system to make it into a chip system.  In addition to this we would need to add at least one additional new conveyor or maybe two depending on which vibratory screen that we use.  The estimated cost for providing this as a complete 2” chip system would be $675,000.  We will come to your location to train your personnel in the maintenance and proper operation of the equipment if here in the US, and we offer a 30 day limited warranty on the equipment.  The warranty covers the major components of the system, not including wear parts and exclusive of misuse and abuse.

This is without a doubt one of the highest production machines manufactured in the United States today.  And in combination with this high production factor they are also the most user friendly machines to operate and work on in the industry.  We would need approximately 6 months to complete this endeavor.