Raptor Mini TG Tire Grinder

Raptor Tire Grinders are the most durable and easy to use shredders built.  This Mini TG is 33 inches wide by 36 inches long, and is powered with a 200 hp electric motor.  The Tire Grinder is designed to take 3” to 8” pieces down to ¾ inch minus in size.  And while doing this it liberates 75% to 80% of the steel from the rubber.  This grinder uses knives that that have been hardened not only on the edges but also along the sides to make them last for thousands of operating hours

This machine should process around 2 ton per hour down to ¾ inch minus sized material.  It currently has a ¾” screen in it.  This grinder has new bearings and seals, a rebuilt gearbox, rebuilt gear reducer, and rebuilt electric motors.  It also has a new frame and the screen is new.  The grinder comes with a motor and electric control panel, stand and infeed hopper.

Great low maintenance machine for a tire application.

Can be set up as a full system with conveyors, magnet, and air system, price is $400,000.