Primary Shredder and VecoPlan System

We have a 200 hp custom built shredder that will do great in the processing of passenger tires, taking whole tires down to a primary shred.  It is electric powered.  After the primary shredder is a 100 hp Veco Plan grinder with a screen and a crossbelt magnet.  The Vecoplan comes with a 2 inch screen installed, producing a 2 inch minus chip.  This system comes with all the conveyors needed to make this a full 2 inch chip system.  The VecoPlan also comes with a 3/4” screen to make a playground mulch if you decide to go that route.  The owner is only selling because he isn’t shredding anymore; it is in good operating condition.  This is a great price for getting into the tire shredding business, with the capability to offer 2 marketable products.