Portable SSI 3400H Primary Shredder with Grapple Loader


SSI produces shredders for a variety of applications and are without a doubt one of the best shear shredder manufacturers in the world.  The machine we are offering for sale is one of the last surviving big portable shredders that we’re aware of in the country that’s presently available for sale.  This SSI model 3400H is mounted on a very heavy duty single drop, triple axel Fountain trailer.  It is powered by an 8 cylinder Detroit Diesel engine that drives several hydraulic pumps and these pumps in turn power two 525 KYB hydraulic motors that drive the shredder.  These pumps also power the hydraulically operated grapple loader and the out-feed conveyor that comes out from under the shredder.  They also power the final swinging out-feed conveyor that allows you to put your shred materials into a pile or a truck, making it easy to quickly get this shredder up and running.  Finally these hydraulic pumps power the out-riggers that are mounted on both sides of the machine to keep it stable when you’re using the grapple or getting hooked onto the trailer with a semi road tractor for transport.   This shredder definitely needs the knives sent off and hard-faced and this would make the shredder perform much better.  Right now we would only recommend for the shredder to be used to shred passenger tires, but once the knives were sharpened then we feel like it should shred semi-truck tires also. We are offering this machine as is because it is a good machine and can offer someone willing to do some work themselves a great savings.  The hydraulic pressures have been tested and are in good shape, but if we don’t get the machine sold “AS IS” then when we will be rebuilding the knives and probably replacing the Detroit engine with another one that has been freshly overhauled.  And if we do this and replace many of the hoses and repaint the whole machine then we would more than likely be pricing the unit around $250,000 as a refurbished unit.   This unit would work perfect for landfill applications, tire pile clean-ups, C&D wood waste destruction, light gauge metals, fiberglass, aluminum, paper, cardboard and many other materials.  Buy now and save because our shop has way more to do than we can possibly get done in the near future.