Portable Shred Tech ST150H Shredder

This 2006 portable Shred Tech shredder is hydraulically powered, and has a Cat C15 diesel engine.  The Cat C15 can shred car tires at a rate of about 4 ton per hour. This shredder produces a 6-12 inch primary shred, and about a 6 inch chip when the material is run through again.  It is grapple loaded, and has an Action Vibratory Conveyor that could be used as a screen, but is currently not set up for sizing material.  The trailer is a triple axle, and it has just been inspected so it’s ready to go.

The knives have just been changed, and there is a spare set that needs to be rebuilt that goes with the machine. The machine was just in the shop so there has been some electrical work done, and the hydraulic hoses have been checked over.  This machine is ready to go to work.