Portable MacSaturn 62x40HT 2” chip system

The Portable MacSaturn 62x40HT is the machine to use for mobile tire cleanups.  It is a tried and true shredder for the tire recycling industry, and with a little work this can be a great machine for your operation.  This 62×40 needs a new main hydraulic pump, owner said last time he checked it was about $6000 to replace that.  In addition the filters need to be checked and replaced, as well as the hydraulic fluid.  The knives will soon need to be rebuilt, and the machine comes with a second set of knives that need to be rebuilt.

The MacSaturn 62x40HT Shredder will shred 400 car tires an hour down to a 2” chip.  This unit is hydraulic and is powered by a 360 hp Cummins diesel engine, and comes mounted on a triple axle trailer for easy moving from site to site.  This system is set up with a 2 inch disc screen classifier and all re-circulating conveyors to make a complete 2” minus chip system.

Even with some work to do, this shredder is a great buy.  These usually sell for close to $300,000 when they are rebuilt.