Portable Eagle Tire Baler and Double Hopper

Eagle International has a reputation for making top quality equipment for the tire recycling industry.  The Eagle Tire Baler was designed to: eliminate collection of waste water, reduce fire hazard, and to provide beneficial usage of waste tires in baled form.  These baled tires have been used as fences and even walls for buildings or houses.  Baling tires also allows you to retrieve a product, if mono-filled for future uses.  This machine will bale approximately 100 passenger size tires into a 30” x 54” x 60” cube, held together with 5 wire ties.  This baler is capable of baling four bales per hour or thirty two bales in an 8 hour shift therefore it will equate to processing 3200 scrap waste tires per day.  It is powered by a 35 h.p Isuzu diesel engine.

The baler we have for sale is in good condition, and is a gooseneck style hitch for easy moving.  This unit is completely portable and is powered by an Isuzu diesel engine. 

In addition to this Eagle Tire Baler we are also selling a custom built hopper to go along with this unit to help with getting your tires hauled to the baler without having to keep moving the baler around all the time.  This hopper can hold an entire bale worth of tires, adding to the efficiency of this operation. 

This is an excellent opportunity for you to purchase a very nice lightly used package of equipment at a very reasonable price.