MacSaturn 72×46 Tire Shredder

MacSaturn has been a leader in the tire shredding industry for years.  This 72×46 is a good sized shredder, able to handle a variety of materials from tires, some purgings, light metals, oversize material like furniture.  It is hydraulically powered by a 400 hp hydraulic power unit.

We are taking this machine into our shop to look it over and replace or rebuild components as needed.  We have the machine torn down and have sent the endplate off to the machine shop to have some rebuild work done on it.  Newly rebuilt 2 inch 2 hook knives will be installed.

We are setting this shredder up as a primary, one pass shredder system.  The system comes with an infeed and outfeed conveyor, as well as a shredder stand, hydraulic power pack, and control panel.


We are in the middle of a rebuild but we aren’t far enough along to have a price for it.  Please call for details.