MacSaturn 62×40 and Grizzly M50 system

We have a complete plant taking whole tires and producing a 1 inch chip with about 80% of the wire removed.

Equipment in the plant is as follows:

In-feed conveyor, in-feed hopper, Granutech/Saturn model 62 x 40HT shredder with considerably more torque than the standard factory built machine, 300 H.P. Hydraulic Power Pac, shredder stand with cat walks, shredder out-feed conveyor, 42” x 7’ 6” rotary disc screen classifier, classifier stand with cat walks, short recirculating conveyor, long recirculating conveyor, sized 2”nominal material out-feed conveyor, 5’ X 8’ surge bin with drag chain conveyor, Model 50 grizzly in-feed conveyor, Granutech/Saturn model M-50 Grizzly, Factory built Grizzly stand with cat walks, vibratory conveyor, cross-belt self-cleaning magnet, magnet stand, stainless steel out-feed conveyor, 1” minus sized out-feed conveyor, Aspiration system. All electrical controls and motor starters needed to operate the whole system are mounted in two electrical control panel.

This is a complete system that is ready to go to work. The MacShredder has a newly rebuilt set of knives in it and a set ready to be rebuilt. The Grizzly has a new set of bed and fly knives installed as well, so this system is ready to run.
MacSaturn 62x40 and Grizzly M50 systemMacSaturn 62x40 and Grizzly M50 system