Granutech/ Saturn Model 80 Grizzly System with Action Clean Wire System

The Granutech/Saturn Model 80 Grizzly is one of the premier machines for taking primary shreds and 2 inch chips down to a 1 inch minus TDF.  Adding the Action Free Wire Reclaimer to the M80 Grizzly makes it the top of the line system for producing clean wire and clean rubber.  With steel prices as they are presently, this is a great time to get started making the cleanest steel product possible.  Note: we only have one of these systems available so don’t wait too long and miss this unique opportunity.

The M-80 Grizzly that we presently have available for sale has seen only limited use and is a very low houred machine since being manufactured.  The heavy rotor and 300 hp on the M80 Grizzly gives this machine the power it needs to process primary shred materials and 2 inch chips down to a 1 inch minus granule at a rate of about 3-4 ton per hour

This system has everything you need to put this after a 2 inch chip system, including an surge/storage bin, infeed conveyor, the Grizzly, an Action Free Wire Reclaimer, and a Donaldson/Torit dust collection system.  We are installing new bed and fly knives on the Grizzly, and new screens.  The machine has a 600 Amp disconnect and a soft start and all the controls.  This is a very high production machine and it is the best machine on the market today used to remove up to 80-85% of the steel from your tires while reducing the size tire chips down to 1 inch or less in size.  These machines are the work horse of today’s tire processing industry and are built much more robust than most of their competition.  You won’t find a nicer used machine on the market today.

 To incorporate the Action Free Wire Reclaimer we modified the factory built Grizzly stand so this machine sits directly under the Grizzly.  The material is allowed to drop directly onto the vibratory table of the Action Free Wire Reclaimer so the processed rubber and wire coming out from under the Grizzly is not further tangled by having to use a conveyor of some kind.  This allows the materials to be more efficiently separated.

The Action Free Wire Reclaimer is the premier system for producing a clean wire product, which will get you top dollar for your tire wire.  Tire processors have been fighting with the mixed metal and rubber material since tire shredding started.  This Action Free Wire Reclaimer aids in the process of the cleaning the mixed material up and declumping it using a vibrating stainless steel trough assembly suspended on springs, with upper and lower troughs.  As the material moves down the conveyor it shakes the clumps apart. The rubber falls through to the bottom trough and the freed wire is then picked up with a series of 4 magnets.  This system produces a clean wire, clean rubber, and mix material.  And these materials are being discharged via screw auger conveyors. 

This particular Action Free Wire Reclaimer has less than 100 hours, and is ready to go to work and was only used in a pilot test back several years ago.  So don’t waste another day producing a product that you can’t sell and market achieving the much higher prices the market has to offer at this time.  We welcome you to come and visit our location and see this system on display in our shop at this present time.