Granutech/Saturn Model 62x40HT Shredder system

The Granutech/ Saturn Model 62x40HT shredder is a tried and true option for shredding mostly car and some semi-truck tires.  We have rebuilt more of this make and model of shredder than any other in our 23 years in business.  We completely refurbished this machine back a few years ago, and now have purchased the system back.  Note: all the conveyors and the disc screen classifier were brand new at that time.  We will completely check this entire system over in our shop, and make sure it is excellent running condition.  This shredder is set up with a heavy duty custom built disc screen classifier and (5) custom built conveyors to make it into a complete 2 inch chip system.  (See attached list of equipment that makes of this complete system)

This shredder is hydraulically powered with a 300 H.P. Hagglunds/Denision HS 300 hydraulic power unit that produces 5,000 PSI @ 184 gpm.  And since we have updated this shredder to have the SAI hydraulic motor that has the capability of operating at the 5,000 PSI unlike the KYB’s which was only capable of operating at 3,000 PSI, it has giving this 62×40 much more power than what your typical 62 X40HT shredder normally has.

This shredder will be equipped with (2) hook 1 ½” thick knives in the primary section of the cutting chamber and (12) hook 1 3/8” thick knives in the secondary section of the cutting chamber.  These knives will be newly hard-faced and ready to go to work. 

We will offer a 30 day limited warranty on the major components of the system, not including wear parts and exclusive of misuse and abuse.  In addition we will send a technician to your location to oversee and assist with the set-up of the shredder, and to train your personnel in the maintenance and operation of the system.  This is a very nice low houred package of equipment that is ready to go to work.

2” TDF Chip Shredding System Equipment List

1. Custom built whole tire in-feed conveyor 48” wide X 30’ long flat slider belt with sides
2. Custom built in-feed hopper for shredder for doing a split chamber machine
3. Granutech/Saturn Model 62 X 40HT shredder with high out-put SAE hydraulic motor /furnished with 1 1/2”wide X 2 hook knives in the primary shredding chamber and 1 3/8” X 12 hook knives in the secondary shredding chamber
4. 300 H.P. Hydraulic Power Pac that is capable of producing 5,000 lbs. PSI
5. Custom built stand for shredder with catwalks (new)
6. Custom built shredder out-feed conveyor 36” wide X 26’ long troughed slider belt
7. Custom built 42” X 7’6” Rotary disc screen classifier with 7.5 H.P. electric motor
8. Custom built stand for classifier with catwalks
9. Custom built Short recirculating conveyor 28” wide X 7’ long troughed slider belt
10. Custom built Long recirculating conveyor 30” wide X 33’ long troughed slider belt
11. Custom built 2” Sized material out-feed conveyor 30” wide X 26’ long troughed slider belt

12. Custom built electrical control panel for all the above equipment, has soft start for the 300 H.P. electric motor

Note: The pictures here are the stock photos from when we originally built this system. The system today does not have new paint on it. These pictures are to give you an idea of the layout only.