Granutech 72x44BGHT Tire Shredder

Tire Shredder

This Granutech 72×44 BGHT shear shredder is considered by many as the workhorse in the tire industry. This shredder is powered by a 300 h.p. Hydraulic power unit with (3) 100 h.p. Electric motors.

All 3 hydraulic pumps will be rebuilt to like new condition. The old KYB hydraulic motors will be replaced with 2 New SAI hydraulic motors. The 3 – 100h.p. Electric motors will have new bearings and inspected by certified electrical company. Shredder will have 2 new endplate bearings, a new rebuilt set of knives, and new set of cleaning fingers. Comes with factory control panel.

Shredder is currently in our shop. Some of the current pictures of the machine are of it in it’s orginal operating condition. Contact us for more information.