Converting a Primary Tire Shredder into a 1 and ½ Inch Chip System

We are often asked to do repairs on various machines.  We typically don’t do repairs because refurbishing our own equipment takes a great deal of our time and space.

 Recently a customer who bought a Granutech/Saturn 62×40 high torque tire shredder from us several years ago came to us with a request to refurbish their machine and convert it to a 1½ inch chip system.  It was originally a primary shred machine so several modifications were required.

 As part of the refurbishing, we removed the existing knives and sent them off to be rebuilt to use for spares.  We put a new custom built and hardened set of knives into the machine.  We also built a split chamber in-feed hopper for this machine so that it could regrind chips into a smaller product.

 A rebuilt rotary disc screen classifier was added to the system to sort off the proper sized chips.  We built three new conveyors with legs and miscellaneous hoppers to recycle the cut chips back into the machine for further processing.

 Our electrician built all the electrical controls necessary to start and control the new operation with appropriate enclosures.  Finally, the finished product was thoroughly tested and then cleaned and painted before redelivery to the customer.

 This entire process took about six weeks, primarily due to the time needed to build new knives and rebuild the old knives.

 The end result: a machine that would only produce a primary chip was converted into a reliable 1½ inch nominal chip machine, complete with new knives, new paint, and complete inspection and testing of shafts and hydraulic systems.  This now ready for many more years of economical production.