Barclay 4.9 Primary Tire Shredder

Barclay is THE name in volume reduction equipment in the tire recycling industry.  The opening is 72” wide to handle large size tires, up to 72 inches in diameter, and the machine is powered by a 75 hp electric motor.  The shredder will come with a 6 ft wide infeed conveyor.  This Barclay 4.9 primary shredder was built in September of 2013, it is a designed to take whole tires down to a rough, primary shred to either go to the landfill, or feed a chipper style machine for further size reduction.  By putting the Barclay 4.9 in front of your current shredder you will be able to increase production, minimize maintenance costs, and allow your business to accept larger sized tires that you have had to pass on before.

We have put hardfacing on the rotor, greatly increasing the resistance to wear on the rotor making it nearly bulletproof.  In addition, all new knives will be installed.  The gears and bearings have been checked over, and we are replacing the pinion gear and bearing.  We are also designing new cleaning fingers, the ones from the factory aren’t effective.